Hello and welcome everyone to the WELCOM’INSA official website!

   The WELCOM’INSA club was created specially in order to facilitate the integration of foreign students that will be arriving in INSA Rouen, which has increase from year to year.

  Our club depends precisely on SB, (Students’ Bureau), who’s normally in charged of organizing events and programs for students of INSA Rouen http://www.bde-insa-rouen.fr/

   You will find in this website all information concerning our club and also our initiatives and not to forget, a wide range of knowledge regarding life in France, advices that you will need to prepare yourself in the best way for your journey as an insaien! Telephone, transports, accommodation, promotion… the site WELCOM’INSA has it ALL! It’s full of information regarding your future student life at the INSA!

   Besides, you can contact us at all times via our page contact  or our facebook page if you didn’t find any answer to your question! We have also a facebook group where you can contact us and meet other foreign students.

   While waiting for our first meeting at INSA Rouen, we wish you a pleasant journey and we cannot wait to see you.

   See you very soon for the new adventures!

The Welcom’INSA 2017 team