Le Havre

A little bit about Le Havre

Le Havre city center was completely destroyed during the second world war. It was reconstructed according to the Auguste Perret’s plan who was the architect in charged. We always heard about Perret center in Le Havre. His style of architecture is quite remarkable with the blocks of bricks. No, it is not that sad, because Perret loved to work on bricks which eventually give us the best results.

A little bit about Le Havre

The CODAH manages the Lia transport line which includes the tramway, the bus and also the funicular. As a student of the age not more than 26 years old, you can benefit a reduction of monthly or annual fees which cost 26€60/month and 279€30/year. .

You can also buy one ticket at 1€70 for the first time and 1€50 for the top up. (You can top up 4 times per ticket). The 10 journey ticket costs 12€70 and the weekly fees cost 14€50. However, not many INSA student use public transport to go to INSA. Most of them walk to INSA, or cycle or by car.

One of the biggest highlight in Le Havre is its beach which has a lot of restaurant by the beach where you can dine in and taste the delicious food. There is also long promenade at the seaside where you can talk a walk after stressful day. If you are a skateboard, roller-skate or bicycle lover, you can practice those sports at the skate park by the beach. But if you prefer volleyball, don’t worry because there is also volleyball court available or even bocce ball court (a form of lawn bowling)

Another interesting place in Le Havre is Le Volcan (also known as the yogurt container) you cannot miss this! The great Volcan is a theater which normally prepare many great shows so don’t hesitate to find out more at http://www.levolcan.com/

You can also go to the Oscar Niemeyer library. This man is the architect of the library. You can borrow books from the library by doing the library card without charge at the reception. Many students will revise in the library because there are a lot of book choices, DVD and CD.

For shopping you have three options: stroll at the Havre street, go to Coty which situated in the city center or go to Docks Vauban just next to INSA.

ne of the most famous bar in le Havre without any doubts is La Petite Rade. Situated at the end of the promenade by the sea, at the limit of Saint Adresse, this bar serves you various drink from beer to cocktail. The terrace is beautiful by day and by night the downstairs is filled with students partying. Certain parties GC is held at the Abri Côtier or at the Gourou Camp. .

If you a wine lover, you can find not far from l’Abri Côtier a cave, l’Escapade, where you can taste some fine wines. It is situated near the sea. If you don’t want to go to the beach just to buy a wine, we recommend La Caviste situated at the Racine street just behind the Volcan.


You will find a lot of retaurants without any doubts at the Saint François district. You must heard about Havre 2017 where a large event will be held to celebrate its 500 years!


  Shahira Nur Ali